Luton futures

Luton Futures is a partnership of nine secondary schools in Luton, set up in 2010, who seek to achieve the best education for their pupils, and the best teaching and working environment for their teachers, by working collaboratively together – sharing their skills, experience and understanding for the greater good.

Each school within Luton Futures is autonomous and not part of any commercial or private organisation. What the schools all share is a set of common values and aims, to seek to enhance the education of all their pupils, promoting rich and varied learning opportunities, achievement, personal development, inclusion and employability.

You can discover the activities and events which the partnership organises on the different pages of this website, and if you would like to get involved or learn more please contact Liz Procter, LF Coordinator whose details are on the contact page.

The Vision

 Luton Futures believes in:

Placing children and young people at the centre of all we do
Striving for continuous improvement
Building strength through partnership
Achieving better outcomes through collaborative working
Supporting, challenging and being accountable to one another

We will guarantee to work together to:

Lead educational developments
Providefor the needs and realise the potential of each individual child
Secure the best possible life opportunities for Luton’s young people
Ensure equality of access and opportunity for all
Value the individual and unique character of each partner
Improve outcomes continuallyacross the partnership
Developopportunities to innovate and create
Recruit, train and develop the best staff
Create and give access to the best resources
Enhance our partnership through engaging with others