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Luton Futures

We are a partnership of secondary schools in Luton, who seek to achieve the best education for their students and the best teaching environment for their teachers,
by working collaboratively for the greater good.


Each school within Luton Futures is autonomous and not part of any commercial or private organisation. What the schools all share is a set of common values and aims, to seek to enhance the education of all their students, promoting rich and varied learning opportunities, achievement, personal development, inclusion and employability.


At Luton Futures we have a wide range of practical processes, from training through to networking and mentoring, supporting and inspiring our current and future leaders.  We understand that being a good leader isn’t always easy, but know that the qualities and skills required can be developed, and we provide an unusual degree of collaboration across our eight schools to help teach and support those skills.


Training and career development are vital in any forward looking school or organisation, and it is central to the purpose of Luton Futures. Training can be delivered in many different ways but its aim always includes at least one of the following: learning new skills, improving performance, achieving consistency, overcoming weakness, increasing job satisfaction, increasing outcomes. 

At Luton Futures we provide a wide variety of training activities for both teaching and non teaching staff.


With nine schools in our partnership there are always career opportunities available for aspiring teachers and staff, in an environment where you know you will be well supported and nurtured, with access to the latest training and learning pedagogies.

Luton, with diverse communities and a mixture of urban and rural locations,  is a lively and happy place to live and work.  If you are inspired by the positive, supportive teaching and learning environment of the eight Luton Futures schools, and would like to work with one of them, please review the  routes described on these pages, or contact the individual schools directly.


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